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Purchase Of Products & Services

To improve our coverage of services, products, and solution, we are looking for new supplier or provider. If you are a professional or a company that sells one of the services or products available on our website, you can become our product supplier or service provider.On our site, we mainly offer products, services, and solutions for companies around the world. To become our supplier or provider, you must be a company specializing in one of our areas of activity.

Whether you are a large or small company, it makes no difference to us, whether you have attractive prices and quality products, services, or solutions. We make thousands of sales worldwide every day, and becoming our supplier or provider gives you immediate access to thousands of visitors and customers to our site.

Our policy is simple, we buy the products, services, or solutions from you and sell them to our customers at the price of our choice. If the activation of your offer requires documents or information from end user, our customers will be informed and will provide this information, if you comply with the data protection policies.

As you can see on our site, the languages of communication with our customers, provider and suppliers are French, English, Spanish and English. We do not accept offers in any language other than those indicated here.

How it works?

We work rigorously to offer our customers quality products and services. With each addition of a new supplier or purchase of products, we give priority to the quality and the price offered. For us it is important to offer the best solutions and prices to our customers. For us to buy from you, we need to be sure that we have a direct and accessible contact and that we are agreed on the quality of your solution.If you think you can meet these conditions, you can take the following steps to sell us.

  • Make a proposal

    You must complete our service or product proposal form and choose the form compatible with the service or product that you wish to offer us.

  • We accept

    We will receive, analyze and accept your proposal. If we have a counterproposal to you, we will do it within 72 hours of your proposal via the form.

  • We buy with you

    We will add your products or services to our catalog, we will make sales, place orders with you and pay you with the payment method that you accept.

You can start selling your services and products to us quickly. To get started, simply fill out the form available on the following link, so that we can study and accept your proposal.

Payment for services & products

All orders that we place with you will be paid via the payment method that you indicate to us. We generally pay for orders via PayPal, bank card or bank transfer. For products or services with a recurring monthly cost, we favor payment by credit card or PayPal. PayPal remains our preferred method of payment among all payment methods.

If a product requiring the payment of a deposit, it is necessary to let us know during the proposal, to avoid any surprise or inconvenience to our customers. We will ban from our list of suppliers and providers, any company offering us services or products with hidden costs.

Why provide us?

We are based in 21 countries and make thousands of sales every day. Our customers are mainly companies and professionals who need the services and products we offer in our catalog, and come from all over the world.

Becoming our provider means collaborating with a team formed by experts in each field, speaking several languages and capable of properly informing and orienting customers. Our customers trust us when it comes to choosing a product or service for their business.

We put customer satisfaction first. For this reason, we have set up a fast and efficient after-sales service to answer questions and help our customers, which will considerably improve the image of your products and services with our customers.

  • Sales force

    We have excellent sales capacity. We make thousands of sales per day via our online site and by phone via telemarketing campaigns.

  • Our expertise

    We have experts in all business sectors offered in our online catalog, to really meet the demand of business and professional customers in any sector.

  • Payments

    We pay our orders in advance and with your payment method to have a fast and quality delivery of the service or product ordered from you.

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