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Virtual Assistant: in this category you will find several articles about our Virtual Assistant service, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about the Virtual Assistant and answered by our specialists. If you're looking for a document, tutorial or other additional information about the Virtual Assistant, you've come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the Virtual Assistant service and we will be happy to answer you quickly.

  1. Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services

    Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services.

    Holder of a BTS in commercial management, collaborates in Freelance with Hivoox since 2017. I answer calls in French for companies from all over the world.

    I love reading, music and sport, and I am always available when Hivoox calls on my services. I like working on new projects and learning new things every day.

    Hardworking, and experienced, I am the ideal profile to accompany you in the evolution of your business. If Hivoox has continued to use my services for so many years, it is surely because I am one of the best.

    My skills

    Live call Answering Services
    Personalized Call answering service
    Take messages and notify you by Email
    Warm Call answering
    Transfer calls
    Taking messages and sending by email
    Transfer of calls to landline or mobile
    Reminder of clients for urgent questions

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  2. If I subscribe to the virtual assistant service, my agent will also be able to answer my customers' emails and process orders?

    Yes, a virtual assistant can process orders and respond to emails from your customers. You must train your agent so that he understands your way of working and can offer you a quality service. For online order processing, most agents know how CMS works, which will save you long training hours...

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  3. I want a virtual assistant who can also receive my correspondence

    On our website, virtual assistants usually work on tasks such as responding to emails, responding to web page chats, working on World, Excel, Power Point, searching the internet, etc.

    To receive and process your correspondence, We recommend that you visit the category and subscribe to the professional or private domiciliation service, or our local contact service. Please feel free to add your questions on this topic in the comments of this post...

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  4. I would like to have a virtual assistant who speaks several languages

    With our virtual assistant service, you can have assistants speaking multiple languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Arabic and many more). We have virtual assistants from every country to assign you an agent with the accent you are looking for. Please feel free to comment on this post or send us an email if you have any questions about this service...

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  5. I would like my assistant to also receive phone calls, in addition to other tasks.

    In general, virtual assistants do not receive phone calls. They are available to help you perform computer tasks, reply to mail, chat, work on World, Excel, Power point, etc.

    To have an assistant who can also take calls, you can send us an email and request it, so that we can offer you the profile compatible with your needs.

    Note that you must have a phone number with Hivoox or divert your incoming calls to the virtual assistant number assigned to you. By default, the virtual assistant receives calls and sends you the message by email. It is also possible to transfer calls to you at an additional rate.


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  6. With your virtual assistant service, is it possible to have an agent exclusively for my company

    With the virtual assistant service, you can have an assistant, who will work during the hours you choose and doing the tasks you have decided for your company, within the limits, the skills and schedules indicated on the agent profile page.

    If the agent works for you for 1 day or 1 month, this does not change anything in the conditions. The agent will be exclusive to you as long as you pay the necessary costs. If you have questions about the profile of a virtual assistant, do not hesitate to leave us the question here or in the comment of the agent page...

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  7. The Virtual Assistant can be a great asset for the growth of the e-commerce website

    Nowadays, it is very practical to set up a business on the internet in order to offer its products to customers in one's Country or other Countries. However, the success of an e-commerce website depends heavily on a good digital marketing policy, the quality of the products offered, the respect of the delivery deadline and the after-sales service. At the heart of the digital marketing policy are product descriptions, frequently asked questions and answers, product articles, email campaigns, etc.

    The tasks related to the operation of an e-commerce website can very quickly become a real problem for the entrepreneur, if he has a product catalog with hundreds of references. The entrepreneur will then have to decide to hire staff, to carry out these tasks which will increase as the website grows. In this case, the Virtual Assistant can be a great asset for the growth of the website.

    The Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant is a person who works for a company or professional...

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