The virtual switchboard (IPBX), is a switchboard hosted in the cloud that Hivoox offers you as a service to manage your phone calls without using a physical switchboard. This excellent virtual switchboard (IPBX), allows companies that choose this solution to reduce the costs of national and international calls and calls between different offices without geographical limitation. This service allows to reduce the costs associated with the installation, administration and maintenance of a traditional PBX.

The virtual switchboard (IPBX) offers its users features such as:

Personalized welcome message (auto attendant),
 Several geographic numbers of one or several countries that operate simultaneously,
Record outgoing, incoming and outgoing calls,
Menus to guide clients,
Call queue with music for incoming calls,
Personalized music on hold per by extension,
Worldwide telephone conference,
Transfer of calls between extensions,
Forwarding calls to landlines or mobile numbers,

Transfer of calls to landline or mobile numbers,
There are no extension limits,
There is no geographical limit between the extensions,
Call forwarding to an extension or extension group,
Receive faxes by email, in pdf or other format,
Personalized voicemail for each extension,
Caller ID,
Log of calls made, received and lost,
Block outgoing or incoming calls by extension,

Benefits of the virtual switchboard (IPBX).

This solution eliminates the installation and maintenance costs of a conventional switchboard.
Improve your brand image with rich and innovative features.
This virtual switchboard can evolve with the growth of your business, allowing you to add or delete telephone extensions depending on your needs.
Remove the borders of your different agencies or offices, whether or not they are in the same country ...
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