Hivoox Telecom calls rates

Calls billed per minute

When you buy a virtual phone number, you may need to make phone calls using the purchased phone number. Our VoIP service allows you to make and receive calls with the purchased number as if you were in the chosen country. The call rates available in the following link will apply every time you make a call with your Hivoox line.

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Calls billed per minute

When you sign up for a virtual number, you can receive free calls on the following devices connected to the Internet:

A computer, installing a softphone and using headphones.
A mobile phone (cellular) installing a voip application.
An IP phone (identical to conventional phones, but connects to the Internet router).
An analog phone connected to the sip adapter.
An IP telephone switchboard ...

However, you can also make a call forwarding to your landline or mobile number without the obligation to have Internet on the device. In this case, the system will automatically transfer all incoming calls to your phone number and you will be billed per minute for forwarded calls. You will find the rates in the following link.

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Calls billed per second

If you are a call center or a company with a telephone consumption of more than 300 USD per month, we will bill outgoing calls per second, from the first second. You can see the official rates at the following link. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information about the use of our services in your call center.

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Calls billed per minute

Our virtual number service allows you to receive calls at no cost. Your correspondents will pay the cost of a local call and you will pay nothing to receive calls (90% of our virtual numbers). However, incoming calls from certain countries (a minority), as well as special numbers or toll-free numbers, are billed per minute. You will find the rates in the following link.

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