Products in Suriname to sell in call center in Suriname

Products for sale Suriname - Call center

Products and services in Suriname to sell in your call center or from home to individuals and businesses in Suriname and earn great commissions.

With this service we will offer you products and services for sale in your call center or from your home to residential customers or businesses based in Suriname, to earn commissions ranging from 10% to 50% of the contract or more. Thanks to our partnership with hundreds of companies in Suriname and around the world, we can provide you with various product and service offers for sale in your call center.

This service relates exclusively to call centers wishing to market products or services to customers resident in Suriname. A wide variety of services and products are offered to call centers in Suriname or abroad, wishing to sell to customers in Suriname, whether individuals or businesses.

To choose a product or service to sell in your call center, you must be sure that you can sell in Suriname, add that service to the cart, choose the corresponding option for your call center and make the payment.
If you are looking for a product or service or quality to sell in Suriname with well-paid commissions, you have come to the right place.

Service features

Products to sell in Suriname by phone.
Services to sell in Suriname by phone.
Products and services with commissions ranging from 10 to 50%.
Payment without complications.
Possibility of negotiating commissions with the supplier.
You choose your product or service to sell.

How it works?

Add this service and desired option to the cart.
Fill out the form and make the payment.
Receive by email our PDF file with the products or services.
Receive documentation and training from the supplier.
Sell from your call center to customers in Suriname.
Receive payments weekly or monthly.

Special conditions

By purchasing this service, the customer asks Hivoox to offer him a service or product for sale in its call center to individuals and businesses in Suriname. The customer declares that he has a good knowledge of the language of the country and that he will sell these services or products exclusively in Suriname. For the supplier to pay for the sales, they must be made in Suriname, confirmed via the tools and information that the supplier will make available to the call center, and after confirmation from the supplier to the buyer.

Payments for sales made in Suriname will be made weekly or monthly depending on the agreement between the supplier and the call center.

Hivoox intervenes exclusively as an intermediary, allowing the connection between the call center and the supplier in Suriname, and cannot be held responsible for the failure of one of the parties during the execution of the commercial agreement between the parts. The call center undertakes to take all necessary precautions so that its relationship with the supplier is protected by contract or other agreement.


Due to the nature of the service provided and the speed with which it is delivered to the call center, we will not accept any refunds.

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