Solution for Hotel in East Timor, Call management per room

Solution for Hotel East Timor - Voip

Solution for Hotel in East Timor is a service that allow you to manage your hotel telephone calls in East Timor. This Solution offers an excellent call rate and call management per room in East Timor.

Our telephone call management solution dedicated to Hotels in East Timor is a service that allows Hotels, Guesthouses, Aparthotel, Pensions, and other accommodation establishments in East Timor to quickly have a telephone infrastructure managed by reception, making it possible to manage incoming and outgoing telephone calls in East Timor and abroad, but also to bill these calls to customers.

With this Solution for Hotel in East Timor your customers will be able to make telephone calls in East Timor and abroad from their room in total independence and you manage these calls from your web interface which will allow you to follow the customer's consumption, see or print the details. calls from each room as well as the amount charged to each customer.

Our technology with this Solution for Hotel in East Timor, allows the manager of the hotel in East Timor to add a margin on each call and make an additional profit with the phone calls.

To use this service, rooms in East Timor must be equipped with Ethernet ports and the establishment must have quality internet coverage. We will deliver preconfigured IP phones in East Timor, and it will suffice to plug them into the Ethernet of each room in East Timor. The service does not require any special technical knowledge, but you can choose to have us do the installation for you in East Timor.

The solution does not include a phone number, but we can integrate it with your existing phone number in East Timor or add phone numbers that you have with Hivoox. You can add telephone numbers from several countries to this solution, which you already have or wish to subscribe to with Hivoox.

Features of Solution for Hotel in East Timor

Flexible configuration (regardless of the number of rooms in East Timor).
Multilingual and multicurrency user interface.
Allows the customer to be billed in their preferred currency.
You can use the system in prepaid and postpaid mode.
Call tracking including calls in progress.
See in real time the number called by the customer, the time and cost of the call.

Possibility to block or unblock a room or group of rooms.
Web calculator showing time, minutes called and price to pay.
Online modification of the rates to be billed to the customer.
Indication of funds available online.
Online monitoring of Internet connection conditions.
Indication of the reason for unsuccessful calls.

Hardware / software requirements

Web browser.
Macromedia Flash Player plug-in installed.
Internet to connect to the WEB interface.
Internet and Ethernet port in each room.
IP phone in each room, connected to the Ethernet port.
Spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc or MS Excel) for efficient tariff processing.

Advantages of the Solution for Hotel in East Timor

Solution for management and billing of calls in East Timor.
Excellent calling rates to East Timor and other countries.
Billing of calls per room in East Timor.
Management of incoming calls with multiple numbers.
Account statement per room.
Possibility to add a markup on the price of the minutes.
No need for technical knowledge for installation.
Web portal for follow-up and management of calls.
Direct routing with the best operators around the world.
Outgoing long distance and international calls are permitted.
High level of security.

Special conditions of the Solution Hotel in East Timor

By purchasing this service, the customer declares to have read and understood the content of this page. The Solution Hotel in East Timor can be used in any type of establishment in East Timor, needing to bill its customers for telephone calls.

Hivoox is committed to providing quality service to the establishment in East Timor. The customer understands that calls made from his establishment in East Timor will be billed per minute according to the rates in effect at Hivoox or the package purchased on the site. The customer will be able to bill their customers and add a markup to the cost of minutes for telephone calls.

The minutes to make calls to East Timor or to the international destinations will be paid on a prepaid or postpaid basis, depending on your agreement with Hivoox. To activate the Post-Paid service, the customer must contact Hivoox via the ticket and request the conditions for this option as well as its activation.


This service is not a subscription and has no monthly cost. However, any account that is inactive for a period equal to or greater than 6 months will be deleted from our system without notice. In the event of the closure of an account, the customer will lose the available balance in his account at the time of closure.

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